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    Idyllic Concept Resort Reviews

    Room Types and Room Rates

    Koh Lipe Reviews : Traveler Advice on Koh Lipe - Review of Idyllic Concept Resort.

    Idyllic Concept Resort : Idyllic - the hidden paradise resort

    I spent a day exploring Lipe’s several beaches and can say that Idyllic Beach Resort is located on the island’s only postcard-perfect beach. There’s little to no boat traffic, making the beach safe for swimming and snorkeling, and there aren’t any hawkers to disturb the setting’s tranquility. The Resort is sophisticated yet unpretentious, combining some big city ideas and the island's laid back life-style. My ultra modern bungalow, just yards from the sand and sea, had first-class amenities like a giant flat-screen TV, a computer with internet access, a powerful air-conditioner, a wonderfully large bathroom incorporating an outdoor rain-forest shower, and an excellent sea view from the front patio. Bungalows are not the stereotypical palm-fronded hut style one might expect. The on-site restaurant served terrific home-style Thai and European fare in an al fresco setting literally on the beach. Also, the Resort easily arranged the charter of a long-tail boat for a day of snorkeling and sightseeing to the surrounding islands. It was unnecessary to leave the Resort for any reason as the staff is first rate in accommodating guests requests - whether they be for a special celebration dinner party or island sightseeing.

    Idyllic Concept Resort : Nice hotel, beautiful area... but being spoilt by over-development.”

    When we booked the hotel, we were a little apprehensive because we weren't sure if the hotel was set up properly after reading earlier reviews on this site. We went ahead anyway after contacting the hotel management via e-mail. We found Nun, the manager very helpful and accommodating.

    The room was of a good standard and the bed and facilities very comfortable. From the outside, it didn't look like there were any other hotels of that standard on our side of the island (Sunrise Beach). That part of the island was also a lot of quieter than Pattaya beach where all the boats land. The only complaint we could make about the rooms was the practicality aspect, which were also highlighted by other reviews - there wasn't any reading light and no towel rails! There were no beach towels provided but we were allowed to use our towels as beach towels so we were fine with that. Otherwise, the rooms were tastefully designed in a modern style and clearly a lot of thought had gone into the design. We were also allowed to use the snorkels, masks and kayaks for free.

    Breakfast was a treat - there were many options including pancakes, french toast, toast, fruits and fried rice. The staff were very helpful and friendly, especially Onn and Nim, both cousins, who go out of their way to make our stay comfortable. They also arranged for us picnic lunches and our longtail boat hire which we booked for the day to go island hopping.

    In terms of the island - the sea around the island is simply stunning as is the whole of the Tarutao marine park. The water was clear and we enjoyed seeing the underwater life and corals when we went diving. However, we were disappointed with the way the island is looked after - there were lots of rubbish (especially plastic bags) floating in the sea and empty bottles of water on the beach. It was also saddening for us to learn that the amount of hotels on the island had doubled within the last year. The island looked over-developed. The village next to the hotel burnt rubbish once during our stay with the smell of burnt plastic in the air - this is probably because they have no other means to dispose of the plastic bottles. After learning about the lack of recycling facilities on the island, we took all our empty water bottles back with us to the mainland to be recycled.

    The longtail boats were beautiful to look at and were the only way of getting around (aside from walking on the island). They sounded like lawnmowers, very noisy and created a busy traffic when the tide was high. It made snorkelling from the beach a little difficult as you would have to watch out for the boats!

    We enjoyed the simplicity of the food on the island - the seafood barbeque close to Pooh's bar was excellent! The thai-style clams, grilled tiger prawns and barbequed crab were all delicious!!!!! Don't forget to bring a torch light to find your way back to the hotel in the evening!

    Overall, the hotel was very nice and the staff very friendly. The natural environment was stunning but there are signs that the island is not being looked after for its long-term benefit. We did visit Koh Lipe during the Songkran festival, which was a busy period and there were more visitors than normal, which perhaps contributed to the waste on the island.

    Idyllic Concept Resort :Great place, excellent service

    After reading all the reviews here, we initially decided not to stay at Idyllic Concept Resort. We booked at neighbouring Castaway Resort instead, but were quite disappointed there and moved out after three nights. We then moved to Idyllic Concept and where very glad that they still had availability.

    The place is a true gem, with great and very helpful staff (they're all from other parts in Thailand and seem to have a lot of experience in the service industry). We stayed at a Type B bungalow, which is a little bigger then Type A and has both an indoor and an outdoor shower. I asked to see a Type A bungalow too, and they gladly showed me one. Contrary to some other reviews here, there's a non-transparent milky glass window now between bathroom and bedroom for more privacy in Type A bungalows, so no worries on that :)

    There is indeed no furniture on the small balcony, but the staff suggested that if we would like to have dinner on the balcony, they would be glad to provide table and chairs. The rooms have a great and clean design and are very bright. However, they lack some basic functionalities. For instance, there's plenty of lighting in the room - but no reading light or a general light turn off switch in bed. Another thing I missed where towel hangers in the bathroom. We really appreciated the air conditioning and the fridge in the room though! There's also a computer and a flat screen sat-TV in the room with plenty of channels, but the only western station I discovered was the Dutch network BVN :)

    There's a full service restaurant now which we only tried once, but it was very tasty! Breakfast is included in the rate and served buffet style with an option to order eggs, pancakes or French toast (at no extra charge).

    The resort is at the most southern point of sunrise beach and has a nice beach and good swimming (once you got through the layer of sea weed). Mind the long tail boats though! There's good snorkeling at the small islands in front of the beach and the resort offers free kayak rental, which makes it easier to get further off the beach.
    Unfortunately, Koh Lipe is getting more and more visitors every year and still has a rather dubious waste management. The beaches are full of empty plastic bottles, beer cans, glass and other stuff you'd rather not see on a tropical island beach. This is really sad and both the Chao Leh people and the resort operators don't really seem to do anything against it.

    Idyllic Concept Resort Koh Lipe : Paradise for relaxing Dec 2008 Sweden

    Whilst I agree with the review written before mine and all of the complaints are most definitely valid ones, we decided to stay here knowing full well everything wasn't finished and up and running so have a slightly different view of it.

    We stayed here in early Dec 2008 for 3 nights, the resort was only maybe 60% complete, most of the 16 rooms were finished but there was no restaurant, reception, and it was still very much a building site. We got the best room (1b), right on the beach for less than half the normal rate so decided it was worth the sacrifice.

    The location is perfect, if you want a nice quiet beach, not to many folk walking past as it is at the end of Sunrise beach, great snorkelling on your doorstep too. It is about a 10 minutes walk along the beach and then up into the main little town where the restaurants and shops are. It has 2 small local villages on either side, and they are really friendly to outsiders.

    We spent most of our time under a pine tree on sun loungers just outside our room as the noise from the building was not bad at all and the builders were very pleasant.

    The downsides or bad points were minimal and more like teething problems: the TV (massive LCD) was not really working and was only asian channels which we lost whenever the wind blew. However Nun (the manager/owner) lent us her DVD player and some DVD's from her staff which was great! The layout of the room was a bit odd, nowhere to hang towels, no chairs to sit on the balcony or in your room and an outside shower, which is amazing... except for the fact there is quite a strong breeze coming off the sea straight into the shower which has no door, only a curtain, so if it blew strong enough, which it did most of the time as there is a strong sea breeze, all the builders got a little treat! We had to get some bricks to hold the curtain down. Would have made sense to put up some shutters or something more solid as anyone walking past can see in if they really want to. This may be sorted once they are fully open however. Also there was a kettle but nowhere to plug it in, except next to the bed on the floor which is awkward. As the other reviewer mentioned, our room didn't get cleaned throughout our 3 day stay which was odd. We did however get body wash, shampoo, tea and coffee!

    Plus points, location is great, the view is unreal, and waking up to draw back the curtains to that view was like a dream. The room itself is really classy, good fittings, dark furniture, funky lighting, hot water, A/C and flushing toilet which a lot of places on Lipe don't have. The buildings are also very unique and in my opinion a very funky design.

    The staff are great, as there were only a couple other guests, we got to know Nun and Nick (front of house) and they were very helpful and hospitable in what was a difficult time to please guests. They went out of the way and served us breakfast on the beach as there was no restaurant, and we were their first guests to eat dinner once their first table and chairs arrived. They treated us like royalty and seemed very excited to be able to serve us dinner. There was no menu yet so the served us gourmet style "chicken steak" in red wine sauce and it was delicious and the food will only get better once they are up and running. The chef was also lovely and so proud of his meal, he is from Samui and very well trained and lots of experience.

    A lot of guidebooks are against new developments on Lipe, however the owners do seem intent on helping the island as a whole, getting locals involved, training them and giving something back which on Lipe is a necessity. They had locals assisting in the building and are talking to the Thai government to help give locals scholarships to train in the hotel industry and learn about protecting Lipe and making it sustainable.

    We really enjoyed our stay and would love to go back one day to see the finished product and see more reviews but I do think it will be a success mainly because of the location and people running it... although I probably won't be able to afford the full price :)

    I recommend this hotel for Young singles, An amazing honeymoon, A romantic getaway, Girlfriend getaway, Older travelers, Families with young children, Families with teenagers, Tourists

    Idyllic Concept Resort Koh Lipe : Lovely and relaxing place 6/09/09 Sweden

    I have heard the name of this hotel from Kohlipehotel.com when I tried to find destinations in September 2009 for my boyfriend's family from france. It is quite difficult because I would like to show them the best, but we have limited budget and everything is expensive in December because it is so called super peak season... Finally I have seen this hotel and the name has got me...

    Tried to book the hotel but also was not possible... then I tried to get hotel website from google and contact them directly...... also small complaint that I couldn't make thru any agent online. Then they informed me that the hotel is not yet ready and it would be opened in late November...

    So, I probably was the first Thai customer with european family who booked this hotel. We had booked 3 rooms for 4 days. I didn't even see the hotel, but according to what I talked with the owner by phone... everything seems to be okay.

    The owner, Ms. Nun was helping us getting good deal for the Van from Hat Yai to Pak Bara pier and we also get speedboat ticket arrangement and everything was fine... even when we arrived and we had a small problem of unloading my boyfriend's grandmother from the small fishing boat... Ms. Nun and her guests immediately come to assist us..

    When I arrived rooms were not yet ready.. but it was fine, Ms. Nun arrange our bags and luggages to the rooms while we went to have lunch at Zhanom (a restaurant nearby), and when we back everything was ready in the room.

    There are 2 room types in this hotel, A and B. For those who doesn't want to share any private scene even with your husband or boyfriend, I would recommend you to go for type B. At type B, you would have more private toilet and there are 2 showers (indoor and outdoor). There is also a pc in the room with internet access but you need to buy the card... when we were there, the wireless had some problem, then Ms. Nun allow us to use internet connection in lobby to connect with my laptop.

    The balcony is rather small as other comments mentioned, but I understood that this kind of balcony is designed for you to sit and relax on the balcony floor.... and not putting any more chair...
    The TV has limited selection of chanels ....... I am not sure whether it is Lipe or whether it is hotel but according to my friends who had been to other hotels in the Island, they all said that there are limited chanels in the Island... So, if you expect nighlife and luxury things....... Koh Lipe is not your answer. Any way, for us we don't care TV so much especially when you have a scenic view in front of you. We all spended all days in front of the hotel and reading book or swim or dive and finding Nemo....

    Idyllics is good enough for a small hotel in a far away island... you can have nice food (though there is no menu, you can make an order directly to Ms. nun or Chef every day... which I did every morning... creating menu both Thai & European for my family). Ms. Nun and her assistance, Mr. Nick is very helpful and they would do their best to serve you. There was one day that we had to leave our grandmother alone at the hotel....... during that day we were worried about her, but we were surprised to learn that every one at the resort took care her well and the chef made special food for her..... Fish Steak with fried rice with garlics. During my 4 days staying there, I don't have to worry about food at all and even when we back to bangkok, my family still missed the food at Idyllics. Especially the cabonara and the tiger prawn with garlic & butter sauce.

    How ever, the worse thing about this hotel is that I don't like the outdoor shower....... You can feel the nature, but I am aware that some one would see me... (my room was type A) but my boyfriend's parents didn't have this problem because they stayed at type B. If the hotel can change this, it will be perfect.

    Overall we all enjoyed at Idyllics and we already recommended to some of our friends to stay there... During our stay, I met a lady who moved from other hotels because she can't stand with that hotel and she was surprised that she paid similar (500 thb less than Idyllics), but she get a lot more at Idyllic place. Ms. Nun even assisted her to get good deal with some 5 star hotel in bangkok.

    I hope that when i am back to Lipe again, Idyllics will be even better.

    One more comment that I would like to warn any one who prefer to spend less...... Please do not come to Thailand during December... It is very expensive and it is considered the most expensive period... There are seasons for tourist in Thailand... low (which of course cheaper every where), high, peak and super peak... Dec - Jan is normally the most expensive while Jun - Sep is cheaper and much cheaper due to off season and rains....... So, please do not complain to the hotel as I understand that they should quote base on the tourist season... and normally Lipe is good only for few months...... the rest of the year, you may not see the sunny days.

    Another thing about how to get to Koh Lipe.... when you buy ferry tickects or speedboat tickects.... though they mentioned that tickect is for Lipe, but in reallity, you will be discharge at the moving pier in front of Koh Lipe. Later you need to take small fishing boat into the Island... and you need to pay extra of 50 THB per person. I am telling you because I don't want any visitors to get mad and think bad about Thailand... It is due to the tourist organization in the province that they would like to provide some work to the locals.... rather than letting the investor to get money and destroy the Island. I hope you all would understand their good intention.

    Hope all of you enjoy staying at Lipe and have good time in Thailand

    • Liked — room, beach, staff and the food