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Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe

Best resort on Koh Lipe

“Best resort on Koh Lipe” Views are stunning and food is excellent and a reasonable price. Pools were nice, never busy and we were always able to get a sunbed on the beach. Staff were amazing. Really friendly and have a real personal touch. They were excellent with children too, learning their names and entertaining them.
marten (Copenhagen, Denmark) Reviewed 2013-05-01
Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe  Perfect location
“Perfect location!” Location: simply the best. Sunrise beach is a lot quieter than the busy Pattaya beach (where boats, ferries make a wasp nest feeling during the day, bars during the night). Although the sand is not as white and powdered here as Pattaya beach, the continuous breeze of the wind will compensate it more than anything. Plus you will have the coral reefs in front of you, have to tell it is one of the most wonderful beaches ever seen.
gee (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) Reviewed 2013-04-30
Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe  Lovely Place to Stay!
My girlfriend and I spent four days in the I-luxury room of Idyllic resort. Good experience there. Nice and helpful staff. Good in english. I was surprised that one of the staff asked me if I need any medicine as I felt sick. Reasonable room price as it was low-season. Overall, nice staff with good service. It worths to spend your holiday in Idyllic.
adamy (london) Reviewed 2012-07-30
Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe  Beautiful place, fantastic service!
My family and I stayed at the Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe for 8 nights in aug. The location of the resort truly is amazing with beautiful and stunning seaviews from the rooms. The rooms are very clean and spacoius as is the balcony at the room. The pool is very nice and again with a fantastic seaview.
Amsterdam (Los Angeles, California) Reviewed 2011-08-02
Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe  True Paradise! Quiet, remote, picturesque, great for snorkeling, romantic
Wow, absolutely amazing. We had our wedding at Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe in the middle of December, and they really went out of their way to make our day perfect. The staff provided excellent service and made everything exactly what we imagined, from the setup and ceremony to flowers and music. The food was incredible, and the wedding cake? Heavenly. A big Thank you to the Idyllic Resort for making our wedding day so amazing. We stayed for a few days after the wedding, and the standard and service was fantastic. The rooms are big, the view is amazing.

We are definitively going back to Idyllic Resort, and have already recommended it to all of our friends.
Mickano Olsson (Oslo, Norway ) Reviewed 2011-03-21
Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe  Married at Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe!!
Wonderfull location for a wedding. Staff and Mangement are very helpful, easy to deal with and made our day very special.When we first arrived we were overwhelmed with the accomodation.Very highly recommended.
Jostein Pedersen (Sweden) Reviewed 2011-03-08
Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe  We absolutely fell in love with this resort
we were there for a second time, excellent staying both times, real design place, with a beautiful sea .the service is unforgettable, all the people there are nice , smiling and ready to make you happy the General Manager, a very nice person, has done a very good job to give excellent service to the customers at any time.
Andrea (Belfast, United Kingdom ) Reviewed 2011-01-01

Serendipity Resort Koh Lipe  5 days of paradise
adam (USA) Reviewed 2013-05-01
Serendipity Resort Koh Lipe  Fantastic - would go back in an instant
chalee (Beverley, United Kingdom) Reviewed 2013-05-01
Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe  Best resort on Koh Lipe
marten (Copenhagen, Denmark) Reviewed 2013-05-01
Mountain Resort Koh Lipe  We feel like home during our stay.
x man (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ) Reviewed 2013-05-01
Serendipity Resort Koh Lipe  Fantastic Place
Sydney (Sydney, Australia) Reviewed 2013-04-30
Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe  Perfect location
gee (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) Reviewed 2013-04-30
Serendipity Resort Koh Lipe  very nice time and we would be happy to return to Serendipity one day
lee (Moscow, Russia) Reviewed 2013-04-24
Bundhaya Resort Koh Lipe  Excellent location
smit (london) Reviewed 2012-08-01
Sita Beach Resort & Spa Koh Lipe   Nice room
adam smit (london) Reviewed 2012-08-01
Bundhaya Resort Koh Lipe  Most beautiful resort on the island!!
Mala (Malaysia) Reviewed 2012-07-31
Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe  Lovely Place to Stay!
adamy (london) Reviewed 2012-07-30
Bundhaya Resort Koh Lipe  best resort on the beach
viter (london) Reviewed 2012-07-29
Anda Resort Koh Lipe  Great hospitality and very friendly staff
lenso (Sweden) Reviewed 2012-02-15
Anda Resort Koh Lipe  New bungalows right on the beachfront, friendly staff.
Rus (Russia) Reviewed 2012-02-08
Lipe Power Beach Resort  Fantastic Honeymoon Destination
Marga (Cameron Highlands Malaysia) Reviewed 2012-01-06
Bundhaya Resort Koh Lipe  Best Location & Super-friendly staff
saniy (Gdynia, Poland ) Reviewed 2011-12-20
Anda Resort Koh Lipe  Great hotel at sunrise beach
Margare (Cameron Highlands Malaysia) Reviewed 2011-12-07
Z Touch Lipe Island Resort   A wonderful holiday
Leigh (Sungkai, Perak, Malaysia) Reviewed 2011-12-07
Anda Resort Koh Lipe  Koh Lipe är ön med de mest sagolika stränderna du kan tänka dig
Här (Sweden) Reviewed 2011-12-01
Sita Beach Resort & Spa Koh Lipe   Nice beach, high standard and bit expensive
tanny (Los Angeles, California) Reviewed 2011-11-30
Anda Resort Koh Lipe  Ко Липе есть некоторое большое плавание прямо с пляжа
aloha1 (Russia) Reviewed 2011-10-03
Anda Resort Koh Lipe  Остров Ко Липе - одно из самых красивейших мест Андаманского моря
Margare (Russia) Reviewed 2011-10-03
Serendipity Resort Koh Lipe  The Most Beautiful Resort on Koh Lipe
aloha (Sweden) Reviewed 2011-09-19
Serendipity Resort Koh Lipe  Paradise on a hillside with great service
Margaret Dering (Sydney, Australia ) Reviewed 2011-09-13
Sita Beach Resort & Spa Koh Lipe   Lovely hotel and lovely service, people who cares
Verly Hill (Menai Bridge, United Kingdom) Reviewed 2011-08-08
Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe  Beautiful place, fantastic service!
Amsterdam (Los Angeles, California) Reviewed 2011-08-02
Hammam Beach Resort Koh Lipe   This Is My FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD!
adam smit (Prague, Czech Republic) Reviewed 2011-08-01
Koh Lipe Castaway Beach Resort  Amazing hotel honeymoon couple!
Medrou Jed (Los Angeles, California ) Reviewed 2011-06-08
Bundhaya Resort Koh Lipe   The views are amazing
Tarik Benje (Italy) Reviewed 2011-06-06
Bundhaya Resort Koh Lipe  clean and the staff is friendly
Lhin Platong (United Kingdom) Reviewed 2011-06-05
Ricci House Resort Koh Lipe  Absolutely wonderful!
Susan Mcfarlan (Norway) Reviewed 2011-06-01
Sita Beach Resort & Spa Koh Lipe   Quiet and a really nice hotel
Ohammed Dhafe (Los Angeles, California ) Reviewed 2011-05-02
Varin Beach Resort Koh Lipe  Beyond Expectations - paradise
adam (Durban, South Africa ) Reviewed 2011-04-18
Pansand Resort Koh Bulon Lae  Everyone must stay here once in a lifetime
Charlotte Grönho (Helsingborg, Sweden) Reviewed 2011-04-17
Mountain Resort Koh Lipe  Just plain Heaven
Michael ( Perth, Australia ) Reviewed 2011-04-13
Pansand Resort Koh Bulon Lae  Way beyond expectation, be treated like royalty
linda (Bali, Indonesia) Reviewed 2011-04-10
Sita Beach Resort & Spa Koh Lipe   Paradise at its Best - Perfect!
Pedersen (Sweden) Reviewed 2011-04-03
Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe  True Paradise! Quiet, remote, picturesque, great for snorkeling, romantic
Mickano Olsson (Oslo, Norway ) Reviewed 2011-03-21
Serendipity Resort Koh Lipe  great service, great views, great room
joedan (Sydney, Australia ) Reviewed 2011-03-09
Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe  Married at Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe!!
Jostein Pedersen (Sweden) Reviewed 2011-03-08
Sita Beach Resort & Spa Koh Lipe   Gorgeous setting, wonderfully relaxing and brilliant staff
annie (New Zealand) Reviewed 2011-03-07
Serendipity Resort Koh Lipe  Honeymoon holiday - perfect and idyllic resort
Gg Fern (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ) Reviewed 2011-02-02
Idyllic Resort Koh Lipe  We absolutely fell in love with this resort
Andrea (Belfast, United Kingdom ) Reviewed 2011-01-01
Sita Beach Resort & Spa Koh Lipe   Wonderful resort - perfect honeymoon destination
Kristofer Björ (Göteborg, Sweden) Reviewed 2010-12-13
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